Good Samaritan Saves Ducklings That Fell in a Sewer Drain

As a mother duck and her ducklings crossed a street in this town, something terrible happened. One by one, the ducklings fell into a sewer drain. Thankfully, this man was there to help.
They could see the ducklings down below, begging for their mommy.
 Mama duck was very nervous for her babies.
Finally, they were able to get one duckling with a cup, a bootlace, and a stick.
 Still looking for others, Mother Duck wants the best seat in the house. 
 Finally, they were all removed from the drain, safe and sound.
Later, they realized the metal grate behind it opened up. 
 Mom’s happy that her ducklings are alive.
 Don’t worry, they were all transported to a nearby pond outside the city by Animal Control where they were set free.

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