Hawaiian Style

Craftsman architecture in Hawaii has a rich heritage, incorporating local elements such as lava rock, coral blocks, generous roof overhangs to accommodate heavy rain and hot sun, and Ohia beams, yet maintaining the beauty and elegance that defines the Craftsman ethic. On the Big Island, to the left of the Volcano House Hotel you will discover an enclave inhabited by various parks and forestry departments, (top photo) all occupying wonderfully designed former homes now used as offices. 1

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Amazing Photos in Nature That are not Photoshopped

Ever since of the discovery of Adobe Photoshop, every amazing image that is on the Internet is believed to be fake. Almost any awe-inspiring picture has hundreds of comments screaming “Fake!” or “Photoshopped!” Contrary to popular belief, there are thousands of naturally occurring phenomena in nature that look so amazing, it would actually be hard to create the image yourself.

Below are 15 of some of the craziest natural phenomena that look fake, but are totally real. Each and every one has a scientific explanation, too.

1. Volcanic lightning that sometimes occurs over erruptions.Volcanic lightning that sometimes occurs over erruptions.

This impressive – and frightening – phenomena is known as “dirty thunderstorms.”

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Lake Moraine, Alberta

Lake Moraine, Alberta, Canada during the summer. The glaciers in the background grind the rocks underneath as they melt in the summer and produce rock flour. The rock flour then flows down into the rivers, then streams into the lake and reflects the sunlight, giving the lake a brilliant blue color.Lake Moraine, Alberta