A Pregnant Dog Was Rescued Just in Time To Give a Birth

A dog was found wandering the streets, heavily pregnant and being chased by children. They were trying to hit hr with sticks. She was neglected, abused and desperately needed some help. A stranger rescued her and dropped her off at a kill shelter, cold and alone. Her time was almost up when a group of kindhearted souls rescued her. Almost immediately after leaving the shelter, something amazing happened.

She went into labor.

source: imgur

Betty was in bad shape when found in the shelter.01  Betty was wandering the streets pregnant kids were chasing her with sticks

2. She ended up in the cold shelter & after few weeks

2. She ended up in the cold shelter and after a few weeks

3. Not only that, but she was heavily pregnant.3. her time was almost up

4. Within an hour of leaving the shelter, she had her pups!4. So we got her out of there and within just an hour of leaving the shelter she had her pups

5. Betty couldn’t even wait to leave the car.5

6.The little mommy was skinny and shy.
6 - Poor baby was so timid and skinny

7. She was sweet, though.7 - but such a sweet gentle girl

8. Not only that, but she was a terrific mother.8 - And fantastic mom

9. At one point, a pup became sick and wouldn’t feed9 - One of her pups got sick and would not nurse it looked really bad

10. But with mommy’s help, it made a triumphant comeback.10 - But he made a triumphant come back

11. Soon, he was fat and happy.11

12. The pups were growing quickly.12

13. Not only that, but they got tons of love (unlike what their experience would have been like in a shelter).13

14.14 - Their favorite hiding spot

15. PUPPIES!15


17. Sweetnes17

18.The happy, squirmy family18

19. At 4 weeks.19

20. The pups were soon getting their own adorable personalities.20 - Getting bigger

21. Like this little ham!21

22. Betty was an exhausted, but proud, mommy.22 - Betty is exhausted but such a good mama

23. A final family nap before adoption.23

24. When adoption day came, every puppy quickly found a forever home.
24 - Finally Adoption day has come

25. So many wonderful families were excited to take Betty’s puppies.25 - New families

26. They would never wander the streets like their momma26 - Forever homes

27. They didn’t know it yet, but these pups were about to be extremely spoiled.27 - Lucky pup

28.28 - All of Betty puppy quickly found a forever home

29. Even Betty found a loving home!29 - and so did she  Consider rescuing or fostering they are so worth itBetty and her unborn pups were out of time at the shelter. I picked her up and on the drive home she had her puppies on the Bay Bridge. This is her story from rescue to happy ending!

Source: Imgur


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