Have you met Xander?

This Pug Was Born Without Eyes. That’s What Makes What He Does Even More Unbelievable.

This little pug is completely blind and doesn’t even have eyes. But you want to know what he does have? One of the biggest and most charming personalities we have ever seen. His name is Xander and he is a service dog that brings along smiles wherever he goes.

Xander, a 2 year-old pug mix, showed up at an animal shelter in Oregon last year. It only took a few days for him to be adopted.xander1

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Eco Living Cube – Amazing Solution for a Small Space


The Living Cube by German designer Till Koenneker is a clever structure, combining all those elements we usually struggle to find space for in a tiny apartment. It houses a walk-in closet, ample media storage, and serves as a loft bed. Here is how designer describes it: “I moved into a apartment studio without storage room. So I made a minimalistic cube design with a shelf for my vinyl collection, my TV, clothes and shoes. On the cube is a guest bed and inside the cube is a lot of storage space.” The carpentry work was done by Remo Zimmerli of Holzlabor.

Photography by Rob Lewis

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