Have you met Xander?

This Pug Was Born Without Eyes. That’s What Makes What He Does Even More Unbelievable.

This little pug is completely blind and doesn’t even have eyes. But you want to know what he does have? One of the biggest and most charming personalities we have ever seen. His name is Xander and he is a service dog that brings along smiles wherever he goes.

Xander, a 2 year-old pug mix, showed up at an animal shelter in Oregon last year. It only took a few days for him to be adopted.xander1

A man named Rodney Beedy took him home once he noticed his wonderful and absolutely charming personality.xander2

He knew that this loving little dog would make a fantastic therapy dog.xander3

Rodney and his wife, after adopting Xander, had him officially certified as a therapy dog. You can see him comforting his new mom in the hospital in this picture.xander4

Xander focuses on being support for victims of child and spousal abuse.xander5

But most importantly, he naturally knows how to make those in need feel better.xander7

Hearing a person crying will draw Xander to them.xander8

He instinctively wants to help.xander9

Xander can handle crowds of children with grace.xander10

He also gets around very well without being able to see.xander11

Basically, Xander is one of the best therapy dogs ever.xander12

Nothing can phase him.xander13

He is ready to handle anything and comfort anyone.xander14

Xander works extensively with Klamath Chapter Hands & Words Are Not for Hurting project as well as Klamath Lake Cares. It’s natural for almost any dog to be loving, but Xander shows the world what blind pugs are made of.
Source: Facebook.com

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