Most brutal secret of North Korea

 Due to the strict policy of tourism and biased media, it’s hard to know what is going on within the boundaries of the closed state. Due to the reports of those who experienced the brutality on their own skin, there is a new image of North Korea.

10.Work camps     
North Korea currently has 16 huge labor camps scattered across the mountains and fringed with barbed wire energized. It is estimated that in the camps were about 200,000 people in every moment. Prison towns in North Korea are often compared with the Gulag camp that existed in the Soviet Union where the prisoners in the harshest conditions, forced to work for the smallest offenses, such as stealing a few kernels of corn, were killed. The prisoners in North Korea has often breakaway, traitors, and former politician who opposed the government
9.  Three generations of punishment
North Korean law implementing the policy of ” three generations of Punishment “: If you commit a crime , your children and grandchildren will bear the stain of sin for which they will be punished. This means that if your grandfather committed a crime , you will have to bear the full burden of his sentence. As mentioned , it usually means a lifetime spent in the camps. One of the worst offenses that someone from North Korea can do is to try to leave the country. For this work will be killed or will get extended sentence in one of the labor camps .
Treasonable offense to a minimum , and criticism of the account of the Government of North Korea , and learning about other cultures requires the death penalty.
Recent smuggling on the border of North Korea and China has enabled some people to come up with disc western films that are unlawful , odosno prohibited. The North Korean National Security Agency has therefore begun to raid the villages to the north and off all electricity, then enter the house and check that discs are they stuck in the DVD player.
8.  Insurance fraud
North Korea’s economy , by any standards , was unsuccessful , and exports virtually no , because I do not want to communicate with foreign markets. In North Korea now has about 25 million people , and the average GDP per capita is about $ 500 ( for comparison , in the U.S. $ 50,000 ) . To enrich his ailing economy North Korea turned to international crime , and one of those crimes is a global insurance fraud : Western insurance companies tricked for hundreds of millions of dollars . Clarification of these scams 2009th there was an addition to the government of North Korea secured the property and equipment of large amounts , they later claimed that uništena.Tokom 2005th , several of the world’s largest insurance companies , including London’s Lloyd, was carried out by North Korea to trial for alleged crash site secured to $ 58 million .
When the state courts of North Korea reviewed the case , they say they have a legitimate claim to their country . Insurance companies have calmed down since the contract was signed by North Korean law, where judgment is almost always going to the government .
7. Arm Trade
In addition to insurance fraud, the UN also blamed North Korea for illegal sale of arms and nuclear technology to the highest bidder, and they were mostly African countries and the Middle East.
The United Nations in the 2012th year seized a shipment of North Korean intended for Syria, where there were about 450 graphite cylinders ballistic missiles. Shipments to Iran and Congo intercept the 2009th year – one with 35 tons of parts for rackets and the other with a Soviet-era tanks.
The UN on North Korea banned the trade for missile technology, but they immediately returned. North Korea has been ruled illegal by the UN sanctions.
Not surprisingly, North Korea’s arms trade does not slow down. As well as fraud insurance system, as is necessary for its government revenue, although according to the Blaine Harden Washington Post, most of that money goes to Kim Jong-Una, and not for the food of the people of North Korea.
6 electricity 
The capital of North Korea, Pyongyang, is something like a self-proclaimed utopia reserved for an elite population. Armed guards patrol the border to prevent the poor or lower class, to come here. Most Pyongyang residents living in luxury compared to those in other parts of North Korea (you do not get enough food, but at least more than anyone else in the country), as many as three million people in the upper classes, with electricity just two to three hours a day .

Sometimes, especially in winter, electricity completely disappear, while millions of people are trying to cope with the low temperatures that can sometimes be lower than 17.8 degrees Celsius. On satellite images can be viewed China and South Korea, between which there is a dark area – North Korea.

5. The system of three castesin 1957, Kim Il Sung  fought to keep control of North Korea , and launched a massive investigation of the population of the country. The investigation resulted in a complete change of social system which divided everything into three classes – “the enemy ” , ” wavering ” ( undecided ) and ” loyal .” Labels are not related to the person, but the family history . The ” loyal ” class are those in whose history of loyalty to the government and they can provide the best opportunities . They are now the politicians or the people ” closely ” associated with the government of North Korea . People in the middle are undecided or in the neutral range. Nothing goes in or out of them , but it is possible , though unlikely to pass into the ” loyal ” . Mostly, people often go through the system down , but upward. “Enemies ” are those with a family history of crimes against the state, such as Christianity, and land ownership .
They are subversive , and in the words of Kim Il Sung , pose the greatest threat to the government. They are deprived of education because they are not allowed to live in or near Pyongyang , and are forced into absolute poverty .

4. Manure from human waste

North Korea is a mountainous region with a little water, very cold winters and short summers monsoon. Because of such course North Korea is terrible for agriculture. Historically, the country has always relied on foreign aid when it comes to manure. Manure they previously imported from  Soviet Union while it was in recent history, and sent them every year 500,000 tons of fertilizer to help increase food production.

South Korea stopped sending them a fertilizer 2008th year, and the farmers had to turn to a new source – human feces. This has gone so far as to become a government program. Factories had to turn feces and meet the quota of two tonnes. Recently, drug stores have taken advantage of the demand for human waste, which is now considered a commodity.
3. South Korean citizenship

Simply put , there are many people who are fleeing from North Korea , and have no place to hide . China’s official policy is to send them back across the border . They are then either killed or sentenced to a decade of brutal labor camps, which turned out to be is equal , and the death penalty .

Only South Korea’s policy is generous : All severnokrejski prebezi , who are not criminals , just get citizenship , job training , and those in need , psychological counseling. Also , give them a place to live and $ 800 per month . As an incentive , the government of South Korea gives a bonus of $ 1,800 for those who hire refugees.

Although technically the North Koreans need to provide paperwork to prove their citizenship , it is not uncommon to deviate from this requirement , as is the case with refugees from the labor camps that simply do not have the paperwork. This applies to all who were born in the camps . Than in 1953. The more than 24,500 fled to South Korea . Starting from the 2002nd The South Korea takes over 1,000 people a year who managed to get to it . The Chinese government estimates that there are up to 200,000 North Koreans who illegally hide in the hills and the rural provinces of the country. Many of those fleeing from North Korea into China often die during their long journey.

2. Canibalism

Devastating food shortage hit North Korea between  1994. and in 1998. year. Flooding across North Korea have caused great damage to agricultural land, which is almost useless there. These concerns, combined with rising debt Soviet Union prevented the import of food, and whole cities are dragged to death. It is estimated that about 3.5 million people at that time died of hunger, which is more than 10 percent of the population.

North Koreans quickly began to eat their pets, cicadas, tree bark, and finally the children. That’s why the saying “Do not buy meat, if you do not know where it comes from.” According to the dissidents of that period, people are often looking for orphaned children who are begging to ent bus and train stations to izdrogirali them and then took them home, and we can only guess what happened to them.

1. Death camps
To date, very few people managed to escape from the camp of North Korea and tell a story about them . Known case of a person who has escaped and the labor camp under the number 14 , which is believed to be the most brutal labor camp in the country, exclusively reserved for the most serious political offenders . This is Shin Dong Hjuk , whose story is described in incredible book, ” Escape from Camp 14 .” Sheen was born in the camp , as his uncle had deserted the army and fled to South Korea . When he was 14 , his mother and brother tried to escape , and when they caught Sheen was taken to an underground torture chamber – ” jail within the jail .” According to his story , he was hanged upside down to the ceiling , attached metal fittings which were his ankles , while the guards questioned about pukus escape his mother. When that failed , he hung so that his body was in a ” U”, and he was lowered slowly over the metal container filled with hot coals . Hook has been nailed to the stomach to prevent him from moving , while the skin of his back pain worse.

Between interviews , throwing him into a small concrete cell where the lights burning 24 hours a day, while at the back a serious infection. While in the cell , Shin could hear constant screams of other prisoners being tortured , and he said that there were hundreds of people have gone through it . While there, he spent seven months and he is the only person who was able to tell what he’s been through in the camp. Sheen was released just in time to attend the death penalty, mother and brother.


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