Few Awesome Ways to Leave a Tip

I am not from USA but I know that tipping is a huge part of US culture. Many waiters rely on them to make ends meet, while many customers despise the idea of tipping. It’s an eternal argument, but one thing is certain: there are ways to be very creative with your tips. Here are a few.

Make a themed drawing to present your tip.art-tip

Batman vs. Spiderman Tip
Leave a cute note with the tip.cute-note-tip[1]
 Make art out of the tip itself.dollar-art[1]
Make someone’s day. This one, unbeknownst to the customer, ensured the server would have a Christmas dinner they wouldn’t have otherwise had.generous-tip[1]
 Hearts always work.heart
 “Re-imagine” the tip.money-drawings[1]
Be a nerd with your tip. Hopefully he was buying piepi-tip[1]

Let the server know how you feel with the tip.thx-tip[1]

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