6 thoughts on “I don’t have title, no need for this amazing dog.

  1. Thank you for comment… yes, unfortunatly there are to many animals hurted. I can understand when nature do that, but when some person do some terible thing to an animal, that really makes me angry, that’s why I can’t stand Chinese. I saw a movie what they do to rabbits and other helpless animals, I never heard till then that rabbit can scream. God…. horrible.


  2. Thank you but I don’t look race of dog. I live in Swiss these days, half a year I am here and I never saw such beautiful laws about animals. Here is, let’s say shame, to have some fancy dog or animal. People so often takes stray dogs and you must have at least 2 dog or cats because one can not be alone. If would walk with poodle dog, people would watch me very strange here. Of corse, I love all dogs, no matter race. Poodle dogs are gorgeous. But what do I do with (now) 15 cats and 3 dog 🙂 That is the question 🙂


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