The story behind the wallpaper we’ll never forget

Green meadows, blue sky and a few clouds… a sight that relaxes even most nervous computer users. This is the story of how is created the image that is seen by over a billion people – most famous computer background of all time!

The photo , which is called ” Bliss” was made ​​by the American photographer Charles O’Rir in California in 1996. , and the XP system displays since 2001. “It  was taken near my house , and I went to visit my girlfriend, north of San Francisco , “says O’Rir . ” Day was just like that. Photograph was not edited in Photoshop .” While driving on the highway 121 in California , a former photographer of ” National Geographic ” magazine decided to go down the road and photograph the scene of which he often thought . A few years later , Microsoft paid him a large amount for this photo, but O’Rir never discovered how much money was it.

Photography is such as it is due to a combination of Fuji film , with enhanced colors and excellent optics of the camera , which is then used O’Rir. He  could not define price of the photo, so Microsoft sent him a plane ticket to come to headquarters to negotiate about .

Later, the “Bliss” place turned into a vineyard, and photograph that was captured after 12 years on the same spot where it was taken, shows a completely different scene. Actually, Wen Wesley found most famous photographs of the place of origin and background on the Google Street View service.

Enter the coordinates into Google Maps search (38.248966, -122.410269) and check yourself how “Bliss”  looks now.


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