Spanish moss – Edisto Island

Charleston SC Dirt Road Forest Botany Bay Plantation Spanish Moss Edisto Island Spanish moss. This is the famous avenue of Boone Hall Plantation; it’s nearly a mile long and is lined by about 90 oaks hanging with Spanish moss.

Spanish moss.


6 thoughts on “Spanish moss – Edisto Island

  1. There is also lovely Spanish moss in one of my favorite cities – Savannah (which is also a very haunted city). They say that the squares with the least amount of Spanish moss are the most haunted, as the ghosts use them to dry their tears.

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  2. Haha, this is it 🙂 There are more photos and complete story but you know that ppl wan’t read so I posted only this. Yes, I read few hours ago about mrs. Montomery or something and some ghost too. Thank you so much for reading, wish you a great day, it’s morning now in US 🙂


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