The stunning mountains of China – Laojun Mountain

Famous throughout China for its beauty, the 2,217-meter tall Laojun Mountain is also known as the final resting place of Laozi, the founder of Taoism. Laojun MountainTo get to the top of Laojun Mountain, travelers can take a 17-minute cable ride from She Shen Ya (the cliff on Laojun Mountain where the air bags were collected) or can walk a 10-kilometer (6 miles)  trail. Shi Li Hua Bing, meaning “10-mile painted screen,” is a newly developed tourist spot in the Laojun Mountain Nature Reserve.

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The nature reserve is a combination of Taoist culture and natural beauty. The scenic area is scattered with 16 Taoist temples. Six of them have been renovated for visitors.

Elevated, Bastei Bridge, Germany

Elevated, Bastei Bridge, GermanyThe Bastei Bridge rises above the Elbe River in Germany’s Saxon Switzerland National Park.

The Bastei Bridge has been a tourist attraction for over 200 years. In 1824, a wooden bridge was constructed to link several rocks for the visitors. This bridge was replaced in 1851 by the present Bastei Bridge made of sandstone. Reaching a height of 194m (636 feet) and 305 meters (1 000.65 feet) above sea level, the jagged rocks of the Bastei were formed by water erosion over one million years ago.