Crystal clear water under the bridge: River so clean you can see 50ft up from the bed

A crystal clear river is so clean that the 50ft deep riverbed can be seen from a bridge crossing over the water.

The 30km long Verzasca River in Switzerland is renowned all over the world for its clear turquoise waters.

But while pictures of the sparkling waters are often taken from the mountains surrounding the river or from bridges crossing over it, it’s much rarer to see photographs taken from the bottom of it.

Under the bridge: This stunning photo by Claudio Gazzaroli, 38, shows the arched Roman Bridge crossing over the Verzasca River in Switzerland from 50ft under waterUnder the bridge

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Cerro Torre, Argentina

Located in the Patagonia region of southern Argentina, 10,262-foot (3,127-meter) Cerro Torre’s sheer granite walls rise more than 4,000 feet (1,219 meters) from the glacier to a summit guarded by enormous mushrooms of air-puffed snow.
Cerro Torre
Because of its brutal steepness, violent weather, and lack of a clear line of ascent, many climbers had thought Cerro Torre unclimbable. That is, until January 31, 1959, when legendary Italian alpinist Cesare Maestri claimed that he and ace Austrian ice climber Toni Egger made the first ascent of the otherworldly spire. Maestri and Egger’s alleged ascent—just two men in four days to the summit during an era of massive sieges by large teams on less difficult peaks—boggled the collective mind of the climbing world. Many hailed it the greatest ascent of all time. 

Baby elephants like to play

EASTERN CAPE, SOUTH AFRICA – UNDATED: A herd of young elephants bundle on top of each other at the Addo Elephant National Park in Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Elephant Pile UpYOU wouldn’t want to find yourself at the bottom of this playful bundle…as four baby elephants weighing up to 300kg pile on top of each other. The unusual moment was spotted by Ayesha Cantor, 46, in Addo Elephant National Park, Eastern Cape, South Africa, during a day trip. The African elephants had been sipping water on the banks of the Ghwarrie Dam, as their mother cooled off. But just like their human counterparts, the youngsters playful intentions soon turned into some rough and tumble – much to the annoyance of the herds matriarch. After a few moments of pilling on, she swiftly marched in to break up the bundle, before the poor tyke at the bottom was injured., Place: South Africa, Model Release: No or not aplicable, Credit line:, Barcroft Media