Crystal clear water under the bridge: River so clean you can see 50ft up from the bed

A crystal clear river is so clean that the 50ft deep riverbed can be seen from a bridge crossing over the water.

The 30km long Verzasca River in Switzerland is renowned all over the world for its clear turquoise waters.

But while pictures of the sparkling waters are often taken from the mountains surrounding the river or from bridges crossing over it, it’s much rarer to see photographs taken from the bottom of it.

Under the bridge: This stunning photo by Claudio Gazzaroli, 38, shows the arched Roman Bridge crossing over the Verzasca River in Switzerland from 50ft under waterUnder the bridge

From the bottom of the deep: The Verzasca Riverbed can be seen with startling clarity because the water is so crystal clear

Photographer, Claudio Gazzaroli, 38, visited the river where he came across the arched bridge known as the ‘Roman Bridge’.

Claudio decided to jump into the water with his camera to capture this novel perspective on a well-known tourist site.

“I wanted to show the beauty of this place in a new way,” said Claudio.

‘The clarity of the water is amazing and the bridge is an ancient landmark. I love this place and have visited it about two hundred times.

“I have wanted to capture the bridge over the river in this perspective for many years. But only now am I happy with the picture.”Crystal clear water under the bridgeFancy a dip?: Photographer Claudio Gazzaroli jumped into the Verzasca River to finally get the ‘perfect’ picture

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