White Bengal Tiger Cubs Make Their Debut

In April, the Buenos Aires Zoo presented blue-eyed, white Bengal tiger triplets, just three months old (now four), to the viewing public for the first time. The trio’s mom, Cleo, gave birth to the young’uns — two females and one male, names yet to come. The siblings’ antics were a treat for zoo patrons. In this picture, the two females are in the foreground.

White Bengal Tiger CubsThe fluffy boy of the litter learns the ways of stalking in the enclosure.

White Bengal Tiger CubsMeanwhile, one of his sisters decides that a zoo keeper makes a good playmate. Good thing she’s still small.

White Bengal Tiger CubsSoon the other sister agrees that the whole pouncing thing looks like fun.

White Bengal Tiger CubsLater, the girls let the poor zoo keeper off the hook and took to tackling each other instead.

White Bengal Tiger CubsOf course, all of that romping around can tucker out even the most energetic of tiger cubs. The triplets sought out some shade, just to work on their second wind.


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