The oldest, tallest, widest and largest trees in the world

Trees play a significant role in reducing erosion and moderating the climate. They remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store large quantities of carbon in their tissues. Trees and forests provide a habitat for many species of animals and plants. Tropical rainforests are one of the most biodiverse habitats in the world. Trees provide shade and shelter, timber for construction, fuel for cooking and heating, and fruit for food as well as having many other uses.

The widest tree in the world: El Árbol del TuleÁrbol del TuleEl Árbol del Tule (Spanish for The Tree of Tule) is a tree located in the church grounds in the town center of Santa María del Tule in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. In 2005, its trunk had a circumference of 42.0 m (137.8 ft), equating to a diameter of 14.05 m (46.1 ft). In 2001 it was placed on a UNESCO tentative list of World Heritage Sites. The height is difficult to measure due to the very broad crown; the 2005 measurement, made by laser, is 35.4 m (116 ft). It is so large that it was originally thought to be multiple trees, but DNA tests have proven that it is only one tree.

The oldest clonal tree in the world: Old Tjikko (9,550 years) Norway Spruce tree – named Old TjikkoOldest clonal tree in the world (Norway spruce) is 9,550 years old and is situated on a mountain Fulufjalet in the Swedish province of Dalama. It was discovered by a professor of physical geography Leif Kullmann who called him by his old dog “Tjikku”.

The oldest non-clonal tree in the world: Methuselah Pine TreeMethuselahMethuselah is a 4845-year-old Great Basin bristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva) tree growing high in the White Mountains of Inyo County in eastern California. The tree is named after Methuselah, a biblical figure whose reported lifespan of 969 years surpassed all others in the Bible.

Tallest tree in the world: Hyperion (115.6 meters – 380 feet)Hyperion (tree)Hyperion was discovered on 25 August 2006. by the natural scientists Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor in a very distant part of national and state parks in Redwood,California. It’s believed to be about 700-800 years. Researchers believe that the tree could be more than 116 meters, but due to the damage caused by woodpeckers its top that is currently stopped at 115.6 meters (around 380 feet). The exact location of the tree has not been revealed to the public for fear that human traffic would upset the ecosystem the tree inhabits.

The largest tree in the world: General ShermanThe largest tree in the world: General ShermanThe General Sherman is a giant sequoia tree located in the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park in Tulare County, in the U.S. state of California. By volume, it is the largest known living single stem tree on earth. In 1879, the General Sherman was named after American Civil War general, William Tecumseh Sherman, by naturalist James Wolverton who had served as a lieutenant in the 9th Indiana Cavalry under Sherman. In 1931, following comparisons with the nearby General Grant tree, General Sherman was identified as the largest tree in the world.

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