6 Tiny Homes Perfect For Newlyweds

There are lots of benefits to living small that are particularly attractive to newlyweds. Many are financial: Mortgage costs for tiny homes, if any, are minimal and utility fees are also low. Of course, this is helpful for couples who are just starting out and may have debt, school loans and limited funds. The two can instead spend more money on things they love, like traveling or other experiences and gadgets (that don’t take up a lot of space, clearly). Or better yet, they can start saving up for early retirement. via huffingtonpostTiny Homes For NewlywedsTiny Home Assembled In Just One Day

Inside the 290-square-foot space which is perfectly comfortable for two, you’ll find a living-room/kitchen, a full bathroom and double bedroom. The large expanse of floor-to-ceiling windows and the gabled ceiling, which is eleven feet at its highest, make the small space feel open and airy.

Little California BungalowLittle California Bungalow
Coming in at 480 square feet, the small abode has one bedroom and one bathroom. Its fresh green exterior and impressive front yard filled with eclectic finds is totally cozy — but the inside is even better. The bright white walls and numerous windows make the space feel super airy, while the furniture gives off a vintage vibe we crave.


Tiny Home In Hampton Bays, NYTiny Home In Hampton Bays, NY
This 280-square-foot abode is located in Hampton Bays, NY in the popular tourist destination of Southampton and has a humble one bedroom and one bath. But, it also has an incredible waterfront view, which could explain its big price tag. According to Realtor.com, the owners are asking for a hefty $575,000, but after all, it’s the Hamptons!


Tiny Home For Sale In California Offers Five Acres Of PrivacyTiny Home For Sale In California Offers Five Acres Of Privacy
Located in Twentynine Palms, Calif., this 400-square-foot cabin sits on five acres and from the looks of these photos, there doesn’t seem to be a neighbor in sight. According to Realtor.com, it comes complete with dual pane windows, a wood burning stove and a new roof — all for just $35,000.


248 Square Foot Tiny Home248 Square Foot Tiny Home
Andrew and Crystal Odom discovered tiny living when they first were married and planned to buy a house together.


Carrie And Shane CaverlyCarrie And Shane Caverly’s 200-Square-Foot Home Helped Them Bond
After being married for about a year, Carrie and Shane Caverly gave themselves the ultimate couple’s test. With her background in sustainable design and his in building green homes, the couple worked together to plan and build their own 200-square-foot tiny home on a flatbed trailer.


2 thoughts on “6 Tiny Homes Perfect For Newlyweds

  1. Yes, looks like real, huge house. I didn’t understand why is so important to be “tiny” as a term, by the American law, there are specific dimensions that must be complied. And of corse, they are adorable 🙂


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