Shipping Container House for Modulus is the Coolest

Most houses with a modern design have a pretty stylish exterior, as well. This one, though, has a slight twist…

Shipping containers aren’t just for shipping anymore (contrary to what one may believe). A company called Modulus found a way to use the metal containers that is both functional and incredibly stylish.

David Fenster of Modulus created a family a dream house in the Santa Cruz Mountains just by using shipping containers.container

Well, shipping containers and an amazing modern design on the inside.container

The house itself clashes slightly with its lush surroundings.container

But that’s what makes it so unique. Somehow, the modern metal design and the woods fit perfectly together.container

The inside of the shipping container house is surprisingly bright, with lots of natural light.container

Technically, approximately six shipping containers were used to build the house.container

The result was stunning.containerThe juxtaposition of the metal against the lush greenery is striking, plus the inside of the shipping container house is just cool.

Source: Modulus