I am ordinary – simple person and I like all things as everybody like. This is my “private” blog about nature, travel and all beautiful things that I think they are positive and human. By the way, I have passion for kitchen and like to make sometimes some nice and simple meal. I’m not vegetarian but avoid meet, I’m not really lover of it. My real love and profession is music, I am mostly studio musician but sometimes I get up on stage, that’s a feeling and I made many things you probably heard and still do not know who plays or sing it. Sometimes it is an advantage. Wise Quotes Giving up on people A little about the blogversatile-blogger

My dear friend and blogger, Gretel and her awesome blog Building Wings and Dreams nominated me and my blog for TheVersatile Blogger Award . Huge Thanks to Gretel and her amazing and unique blog.   Idea to make this blog came because I was posting pictures and photos, few years in a row on Google plus. All of them were ( and still are ) pretty impressive and very appreciated. So I came to idea to make nice, non-profit personal blog about other culture, life, nature and everything beautiful. I hope you will enjoy as much as I enjoy in your posts. Thank you so much for visiting blog.

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  1. Hi there, thanks for dropping by and liking a post on Geokult-Travel.com. Your blog looks really interesting so am now following 🙂



  2. Hi,

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    Big thanks!


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