Top 10 Natural Beauty Spots Around Austria


Austria tourism has been filled with breathtaking nature all way around. From Vienna to Salzburg, the country features nature that can’t be seen anywhere on the planet. Snow covered mountains, marquise lakes and endless forests are thing that will convince you to book your first Austria tour. have collected Top 10 Most Beautiful Nature Spots Around the Austria. Continue reading

North Island, Seychelles

North Island is a small granitic island (2.01 km²- mile and a half) in the Seychelles 5 km (2.7miles) north of Silhouette Island. North Island, SeychellesSince 2003, it has been developed as a private resort with 11 villas for guests, aimed at the eco-tourism market. It hit the headlines in May 2011 for being the site selected for the royal honeymoon of the The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.