The world’s biggest bunny – ( Video )

DariusHefty: Darius weighs three-and-a-half stone (Picture: Caters)

Darius the rabbit with Mia, (aged 6) – The worlds biggest rabbit munches his way through a staggering 4,000 carrots a year costing his owner a mammoth £2,500 (around $3.800) a year in food. Real life Easter bunny Daruis – who weighs three-and-a-half stone, has a huge appetite and can eat up to 12 carrots a day, as well as cabbage, apples and two large dog bowls full of rabbit mix. This all adds up for owner Annette Edwards, 62, from Worcester who has to fork out £2,500 a year just to feed her giant pet. Hungry Darius devours 4,000 carrots, 120 cabbages and 730 dog bowls full of rabbit mix over the year. But recently Annette has become hopping mad over her huge rabbits giant appetite and is considering putting Darius on a diet. Continue reading

Elephant Sanctuary, Thailand

Located in Thailand, BLES (Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary) is devoted to creating a safe and natural environment for elephants. BLES is the only sanctuary in Thailand that puts the well-being of elephants first. There are no performances — just elephants being elephants.

Elephant Sanctuary

10 Heartbreaking Animal Mourning Rituals

If you have ever seen the look on a pet’s face when a bag of treats comes out, it is hard to say they don’t have emotions. Unfortunately, animals sometimes also have to deal with grief and loss, much like humans do. To cope with the death of loved ones, some creatures have developed mourning rituals to see them through their toughest times. Grab a tissue and take a look at how animals deal with death. 


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