Elderly Animals (10 photos)

Photographer Isa Leshko recently traveled around the US to photograph animals in their final stages of life.

“I began the series as a means of exploring my feelings about my mother’s decline due to Alzheimer’s Disease,” she says. “As I’ve worked on this project, though, I’ve come to realize that these images are a testament to survival and endurance. And they raise questions about what it means to be elderly.”

The photos say everything.

Emden Goose, Age 28.Embden Goose, Age 28, II
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10 Adorable Corgis Will Melt Your Heart

The internet has fallen in love with Corgis over the past 10 years for a reason; they are tiny, adorable fuzz-balls of awesome. From their big, floppy ears to their stumpy legs, Corgis are cute. They even have a happy personality to go along with it. You’d be hard pressed to find an unhappy Corgi in this world.
That’s why we think it’s so important you see these 11 adorable Corgi pictures; if you don’t want to adopt 10 and start a Corgi pack now… you will want to soon.

Tug of war with Corgis is always cute.Tug of war with Corgis is always cute.

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Adorable puppies huddle round canteen fire on a cold day in China – and bark non-stop until the stove is lit

These pictures are enough to bring a warm glow to even the coldest of hearts. Despite their thick fur, this group of dogs and puppies in China feel the cold. Luckily, in the winter, they’re allowed to huddle round a staff canteen stove in their home in Jiulongjiang Forest Park, Rucheng County. According to the chefs that work there, on really cold days the puppies bark non-stop until the stove is lit. They then stand as close as they dare to keep toasty.

No chilly dogs here: Hounds in Jiulongjiang Forest Park huddle around a canteen stove to keep warmpuppies-around-fire

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