Japanese Forest House

Brian Schulz, a Boat Builder Had an Idea to build a Japanese Forest House in the middle of a Oregon forest… and after 1 1/2 years and $11,000, he completed it. One Year And $11,000 Later, This Perfection Exists. What’s even better about this home in the woods, it was mostly built from natural, locally sourced materials. In other words, this place was mostly funded by his hard work and innovation – something truly inspiring. Take a look at Schulz’s home and his journey along the way below.

Inspired by Japanese architecture, this is the finished home in the woods of Cape Falcon, Oregon.
Japanese Forest House

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10 Most Beautiful Forest Houses

Take a few moments, and enjoy in the beautiful viewHouse in natureForest House is the perfect setting to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life; to experience the peaceful serenity of the forest; to nurture the soul. There are no clocks… no schedule… no agenda. The day is yours to relax… to explore… to do as whatever you want. Re-vitalize yourself in a place where time stands still. When we think about forest houses we have a picture of old, wooden and abandoned cabins. However, in today’s post you will have chance to see most beautiful forest properties starting from classical American wooden cabins, to traditional British houses with tached roofs, to modern design luxury residences that will take your breath away. Take a few moments, scroll down and enjoy in the beautiful gallery. Continue reading

It may look like a cabin, but this is actually an RV

It looks like a quaint cabin (in almost every way) but thanks to some sneaky architecture that’s just a disguise. Kelly Davis, the architect who created this faux-cabin at Canoe Bay Escape, is a visual trickster tiny-house 1

This “cabin” is only 400 square feet, which doesn’t sound like muchtiny-house2

But it’s actually bigger than some 1 bedroom apartmentstiny-house3

The ESCAPE cabin was originally conceived as a high quality cabin, NOT an RV.tiny-house4

Now, ESCAPE is part of the tiny house movement. This movement, which is growing in popularity, has focuses on living with a smaller financial, environmental and physical footprint.tiny-house5

It doesn’t look like most other RVs, but it fits the standard of the Park Model RV, which can be up to 400 square feet.tiny-house6

Not only is the cabin made of extremely high quality materials (featuring cedar lap siding, LED lighting, Energy Star appliances and much more), but you never know how small it is thanks to the brilliant design.tiny-house7

Compromises must be made when creating a tiny home. There’s no room for a full kitchen or bathroom, but one look at ESCAPE and I would completely forget about that.tiny-house8

The cabin/RV is settled at Canoe Bay Escape, surrounded by gorgeous views on all sides.tiny-house9

More and more people will follow in the footsteps of these incredible tiny homes, both saving their own money and the environment.tiny-house10

Although, ESCAPE in particular would actually run a person around $79,000, which is quite pricey for an RV.tiny-house11

But if you could live in this beautiful and small home, it would be worth it.tiny-house13

Sources: Tree Hugger

Eco House – Architect Macy Miller Builds Her Tiny Dream House After Divorce

Source / Macy’s Blog

Macy Miller is an architect from Idaho that had a BIG dream about a tiny house. She had always wanted a place of her own, but the thought of a mortgage sickened her after she lost her home to foreclosure after getting divorced. So, her dream revolved around building a compact, but beautiful home. For two years, Macy worked on the 196 square-foot home, dedicating her free time to building the small paradise. Finally, construction has finished on her little hideaway… and it’s hard not to be jealous of this place, no matter how small it looks on the outside. After all, it only cost about $11,000.


Macy Miller didn’t have a lot of experience with construction, but she was willing to learn.

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