Dragon Blood Trees

These amazing trees are native to a small group of islands in the Indian Ocean called Socotra. What makes them so amazing is the red sap which exudes from the bark after wounding, which is what gives the trees their name; Dragon Blood Trees.

They aren’t just odd looking tress that “bleed” red either, the medicinal and colouring properties of the resin was recorded by the ancient civilisations of Greece and Rome and continues to be used in medicine, dyes, varnish and incense to this day.


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A guide to growing bonsai

I just hope that this can help you

Yesterday I posted an article about bonsai trees. Actually, it was pictures and I had a lot of view on that. Since you are interested, I was free to take a few sites which could help me to bring you best informations about how to grow and how to make it.  Btw. this is extrimly nice hobby.Choosing the Right Bonsai Tree for You

The ancient art of growing bonsai trees is well over a thousand years old. Though usually associated with Japan, bonsai tree cultivation actually originated in China, where the trees eventually came to be associated with the religion of Zen Buddhism. Bonsai trees are now used for decorative and recreational purposes in addition to their traditional uses. Caring for bonsai trees  gives the cultivator a chance to take a contemplative yet creative role in the growth of an emblem of natural beauty.

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